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If I work on it now I'll just be forcing myself and probably would do a bad job, I want this game to be good for you guys so when I do get my inspiration back I'll work on it again!Sorry for the wait for all those who love this game!If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer. If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. Sesshomaru doesn't realize how dependent on his assistant he really is until she's gone. Well, he'll just have to change that, even if he has to take a vacation... No daiyoukai were injured during the making of this..He was her enemy and slayer of her people. Seven years after the war, Zuko requests Katara's help in the Fire Nation. And it all starts in the typical Ichigo/Rukia reunion fashion- at Ichigo's expense.They bickered every time they laid eyes on one another. But when they meet at a nearby pretzel stand, their worlds collide and so do they. Ichigo & Rukia decided their relationship could never be. Years went by, Rukia was dating Renji, Ichigo dated Inoue. But as their relationship progresses, the past comes back to haunt them. After the world is nearly destroyed in the future, A married Ichigo and Rukia travel back to the past where they join the Shinigami Academy, Now They're here to stop Aizen and his plans, FULL SUMMARY INSIDE, Ichi Ruki, One Sided Ren Ruki, Bya Hisa Going through high school can be hard for anyone, but trying doing it as a girl disguised as a boy.Byakuya has lived everything there is to live for hundreds of years, being a powerful and skilled demon. Ichigo needed—his eyes brightened—a decoy, at least when Orihime was around. Byakuya, a pureblood vampire, is infatuated with Rukia and goes all out to seduce her. He'll soon find that keeping a certain raven-haired woman from winding her way into his heart is a lot harder than it looks. Can she do that without them falling in love with each other? She hadn’t anticipated the sudden appearance of a Kurosaki Ichigo nor his future plans for them both, which involved migrations,adoptions and marriage When the SWA decides to give out vibrators as white day gifts now rukia gets to decide how much she wants to shake up life at the Kuchiki manor.

I play A LOT of video games and watch A LOT of anime, so crazy ideas might come to me. All of the stories I write have crude, dirty humor. Anime: About any action, comedy, or adventure one will do. I originally used him to help out with making the modern jokes that you wouldn't expect Ancient Chinese people to make. You could probably see it in the later chapters in the Answers Letters story. As I write her lines, she usually stays in canon personality. Guo Jia: If stupid and smart were made into one word, he would be that. Comparable to Katsura Kotorou from Gintama sometimes. I sort of ship him with Sima Yi now because of the Answers Letters fic. Zhou Yu: He is written like if you were to combine Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang's canon personalities along with some bits leftover from this Ask Zhou Yu blog that you can look up yourself. Plus, how to improve your writing in ten easy lessons from the Shinigami Women's and Men's Associations. It is also possible Director might have really screwed up this time and maybe even destroyed DW China for good.NOTE: I don't like to set things in stone but it's unlikely I'll get to finishing this game.It's just been too long since I've worked on it, I can't even really remember how I organized the frames since I just sorta did it as I went along.But he was the victor and her brother the loser, so when Lord Ichigo demanded her hand in marriage after months of war, Rukia was forced to become his wife. The chances of them falling in love weren't likely. Now forced into a world of musical talent, strange love and gossip queens, Rukia must figure out her heart before someone figures out who she is.Two polar opposites have the most unpleasant of meetings leading to a series of the most petty fights. Arwah seorang gadis bangsawan berkeliaran hingga 500 tahun di dalam istana mengerikan dibalik hutan tersembunyi di Kyoto. Years after the war the Fire Nation is in need of an heir that the Fire Lady has yet to produce.

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