Early warning signs dating violence

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Pay attention to how a partner treats you early in the relationship.

A potential abuser may make decisions for you such as ordering your meal at a restaurant or planning social activities without consulting you, according to an article titled "18 Early Signs During Dating of a Potential Abuser or Batterer" on the website Women Are Safe.

WARNING SIGNS OF ABUSE How do I know if one of my students is experiencing violence in a relationship?

The warning signs of dating violence will not always be dramatic, but if you know what to look for you might be able to identify an abusive relationship before it becomes dangerous.

Control – He/she tells you what to do or how to act Teen dating abuse is about control.

A victim often has known or dated the abuser for a brief period of time before getting engaged or living together.

If you think your spouse or partner is abusive, or you suspect that someone you know is in an abusive relationship, review the red flags and other information on domestic abuse and violence covered in this article.

The abuser will question the victim about who the victim talks to, accuse the victim of flirting, or become jealous of time spent with others.

The abuser may call the victim frequently during the day, drop by unexpectedly, refuse to let the victim work, check the car mileage, or ask friends to watch the victim.

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