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Buckwalter And Keller Wire Williams Grove Sprint Fields For Wins 8/25/17 Mechanicsburg Steve Buckwalter and Cody Keller wired the sprint car fields for victories on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway, in the 410 and 358 sprint car divisions, respectively. PRS 2017 Racing through a new decade with a new attitude! Buckwalter started second in the field to lead every lap of the 25-circuit main event for the 410 sprint cars. Port Royal Speedway The Only Place To See Super Sprints And Super Lates Every Saturday Night Finishes 8/5/17 410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Find out if your paycheck, the car you purchased in your name, and your retirement account belong entirely to you or are half-owned by your spouse.If you live in a “community property” state, your spouse will own half of everything you acquired during your marriage – including your paycheck.It can be much easier to protect your assets in a separate property state because ownership is clear.If you had your own bank account before the marriage, keep that money separate from any joint bank accounts.His pace was slowed only once, on the fifth lap when the red flag appeared for a fire on the machine of Eric Tomecek.

Thomas Frank, pictured, and two other CNN employees who were all part of an investigative team at the network resigned Monday after CNN deleted and retracted a story that Frank wrote that claimed there were possible ties between Russia and an associate of President Donald Trump Eric Lichtblau, left, and Lex Haris, right, also resigned Monday.'Facing the biggest fake news scandal in the network’s history after an embarrassing retraction, nobody from the network is answering questions–even to their own reporters–and they have the audacity to demand on-camera press briefings from the White House to boost their ratings and make their personalities famous?'Maybe Jeff Zucker should do an on-camera press briefing about CNN’s fake news scandal before the White House does any more of them.'Haris, who had only been the executive editor of CNN Investigates since January, released a statement about his resignation on Monday.Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris were all involved in CNN's new investigative unit and left the company Monday.Frank wrote the deleted story, Lichtblau was an editor in the unit and Haris oversaw the unit.

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