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lmost exactly one year ago, I read an article on Relevant Magazine that made me realize that I had absolutely no personal convictions to remain abstinent.I had grown up in the dead-center of the purity movement.Many are closing in on 30 and still in no rush to marry. According to the Pew Research Center, only 26 percent of Millennials, those born roughly between 19, are married.This is a decrease from previous generations: by the time they were in the current Millennial age range (18-33), 36 percent of Generation Xers, 48 percent of Baby Boomers, and 65 percent of the Silent Generation were married.When you help my grandmother carry a heavy load of groceries, I don't care what you believe about evolution.When you protect my kids from getting hit by a car when they're running across the street, I don't care who your favorite theologian is.

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Though most unmarried Millennials (69 percent) say they’d like to marry, they’re not in a hurry.

All that to say, thanks to Ron Sellers for pointing out these nuances of the study.

The other points in my post, including the broader argument about hyping bad stats, are still appropriate (as even this commenter recognizes).

According to the author, Ally Spotts (who I really appreciated during my earlier years of blogging.

I don’t know that we’d agree on much now), we should wait for sex because waiting builds friendship, because “physical boundaries speak to the value you place on your sexuality,” because relationships should be about wholeness–not just happiness, and because we need to practice managing our lust.

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