Updating cvs

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Anonymous CVS is a method of keeping your local copy of the Open BSD source tree up to date with respect to changes made to current Open BSD sources. Location: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA. Therefore, it is suggested that you first install the latest snapshot before attempting a tree build from source.

In addition to following the bleeding edge of development, it is also possible to track the errata patches of a release.

This chapter explains tags, branches, and how to merge branches and trunks.

It also discusses why and when to branch and provides strategies and hints for using branches effectively in your project.

One of the difficulties one runs into in working with CVS is that all of its tracking of revisions is by file, and it tracks a particular file by its name.

If you are on a slow connection, it generally works to take one revision and convert it to another tagged revision by using e.g.One of the most helpful yet underused facilities of CVS is the tag .CVS's tagging feature allows you to label a revision for later retrieval.I'll present them in order of how likely I am to use them.The method I usually use is to find the path to the file in the repository and rename the RCS file corresponding to the file that I want to rename.

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