Using craigslist for dating Real housewives webcams

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I decided I’d start with the most vibrant and lively dating hub of them all — Craigslist.After all, I’m a normal, smart, attractive girl using Craigslist to find a nice guy. I decided I would post a personals ad offering a one-hour date with me, put up a real picture, reply to the first normal-seeming men, and go out on some completely blind dates.After establishing my alias and having the first real anxiety attack of my adult life, I posted the following ad on a Thursday afternoon, trying to set up dates for that weekend.

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Go to a free webmail service (yahoo, msn/hotmail/live, gmail, etc) and create a new account. After several emails when you confirm that this person is not a scammer, give them your regular email address to continue the conversation.

I wanted to see if any of these site or programs actualy worked.

when searching for review, I mostly came across fake reviews saying the site was great with a link to buy.

Another reason why I don't want to e-mail just anyone is because I don't know if some of those people are internet scammers or not.

I have not responded to one of those yet, but if you do consider replying to one of them, there is one simple way to prevent spam.

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