Vb6 stop screen updating

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I have Excel 2003 at work and 2007 at home, and I'm home now, so let me think. Clear 'Make the Emp Mon Dates collection On Error Resume Next For Each cell In wsq. I believe it's the toolbar that I brought up from the Visual Basic Editor, which I got to from Tools, Macro. This does not help the macro to stop, it just puts some signaling ont o the spreadsheet so that you can tell the user if the macro has actually stopped yet. The problem is that when I close the file, I get the following message; Run-time error '1004': Method'On Time' of object '_Application' failed Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?This is important because closing a spreadsheet while a Macro is running is not pretty. Screen Updating = True I am unable to successfully include the following macro to get it to run every 1 min, appreciate your guidance on how to include my code. I essentially need my excel file to spit out a text document save of itself every 15 seconds.Hey guys, I know that in primitive versions of vb (as found in excel) there was a line that you could insert to prevent screens from flickering to and fro when it is trying to process something.

Many times the macro may do quite a bit with the data, such as selecting different cells, replacing values or formulas, and taking other types of actions.

Any help you can lend on this would be greatly appreciated!! My question is how do we update the formula for every minute and retrieve the answer in a sequence of cells along with the timestamp till we click the stop button. It can take a few seconds for the macro to actually end because it still needs to complete one more refresh and wait cycle. so for those two hours the web query refreshed but macro did not run! On Time runtime, "Extractor" End Sub Sub Extractor() ' ' Retrives required information and copies to Table Range("A6: G6"). On Time Time To Run, "datafeed" End Sub Sub datafeed() application. Save As Filename:= _ "C:\Users\Carella Home\Desktop\DSA Data Feed.txt", File Format:=xl Text, _ Create Backup:=False Call autorun End Sub Sub auto_close() application.

For this reason Cell A1 is set to equal 2 until the macro actually exits the loop. On Time Time To Run, "datafeed", , False End Sub Sub eodsave() application. Save As Filename:= _ "C:\Users\Carella Home\Desktop\DSA Data Feed.xlsm", File Format:=52, Create Backup:=False End Sub ------------------------------------------- It works fine and saves the file that I need it to save as a text file every 15 seconds.

Thus, the main body of your macro can do its work behind the scenes without the necessity of stopping to update the screen.

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